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Mature Couple Showing Affection


You may have been living with unhappiness, dissatisfaction or disappointment in

your relationship for months or years. You may currently be facing a crisis or other stresses

which feel impossible to manage between you. 

Relationships can be the most challenging as well as the most wonderful, heartfelt aspects of life. 

       Counselling can help with: 

  • better communication

  • responding to each other’s needs, including those not yet said aloud

  • building trust and connection

  • improved intimacy, including sex and a sense of playfulness

  • moving towards a happier, kinder and more joyful relationship

Clients often say that therapy helps them to 'take control'. Where before they felt lost and anxious,

they now feel more confident and understand how to communicate better. They find they can

 meet their own and each other’s needs and continue to build a more hopeful, loving, fun and fulfilling relationship.

Couples: Welcome
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